Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 and has been the Taiwan's leading manufacturer in the fields of Test & Measurement Instruments for more than three decades. Nowadays, there are about 100 employees in our company, and the factory's building size is around 6,410 square meters / 69,000 feet. 

We have devoted ourself to launch the most comprehensive and professional instruments to the markets, and almost 95% of our products are exported to over 70 countries in the world. Therefore, LUTRON has won an excellent global reputation via its high quality products and remarkable R&D ability. 


3 phase rotation, motor testers ACA leakage meters
Adapters for DMMs & Clamps Anemometers (vane type, hot wire type)
Bench meters (ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, pH) Barometer
Cable checker/Cable identifier Calibrator, Simulator, Checker, Black body
Caliper Capacitance decade box
Capacitance meters Car testers, Automotive testers
Carrying case & holsters Chlorine meter
Clamp meters (DCA, ACA) Clamp meters (Power clamp)
CO (carbon Monooxide) meter CO2 (carbon dioxide) meter
Color analyzer Conductivity meters, TDS meters
Controllers (Alarm/Monitor), full line Data loggers
DMM, Mulitimeter Earth tester
Education products Electromagnetic field testers, EMF testers (Radio frequency)
Electromagnetic field testers, EMF testers (Low frequency) Force gauges, Force gauge test stand
Fork current (AC/DC) tester Frequency counters (handheld type, Bench type)

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