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New FLIR® E-Series and E-Series bx — Now with MSX®

Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera Performance that Keeps Getting Better

Troubleshoot more efficiently, create detailed reports easier, and share images and findings faster with FLIR’s latest E-Series thermal imagers. Featuring a fresh array of imaging, communication, and productivity tools to help you get more done in a day.

Wi-Fi & FLIR Tools Mobile Communication

Connect E-Series cameras to smartphones and tablets with our Wi-Fi app. Stream live thermal video so co-workers can watch along. Import radiometric JPEGs, adjust contrast and color, add more measurement tools, then package images in concise reports and email findings right from the field to expedite critical decisions. Learn more about the FLIR Tools Mobile App.


FLIR E-Series Infrared Camera Wi-Fi



Simple Touchscreen Tools

With our latest Dark Precision touchscreen interface at your fingertips, you’ll be able to instantly tap into multiple temperature measurement tools, image modes, archived JPEGs, and more so setting and getting it right is never a hassle. 


Multiple Measurements

Add up to three box areas and three moveable spots using the touchscreen to gather more detailed temperature information.

E-Series Touchscreen


New auto screen orientation lets you switch between landscape and portrait view to optimize your field of view while keeping the temperature measurement overlays upright on the LCD no matter how you hold the camera.

FLIR E-Series Auto-Orientation

FLIR E-Series Infrared Camera Comparison Chart




FLIR E40 Infrared Camera

FLIR E50 Infrared Camera

FLIR E60 Infrared Camera

FLIR E-Series bx Infrared Camera Comparison Chart

FLIR E40 bx

FLIR E50 bx

FLIR E60 bx

FLIR E40 bx Infrared Camera

FLIR E50 bx Infrared Camera

FLIR E60 bx Infrared Camera

FLIR Test & Measurement Instruments

Leveraging our 50 year history as the world's largest supplier of thermal imaging technology to military, government, and commercial customers, FLIR introduces a new line of test & measurement instruments built upon our commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability.


FLIR DM93 Digital Multimeter

FLIR DM93 Digital Multimeter

Advanced meter engineered for demanding VFD troubleshooting on complex industrial equipment

FLIR CM83 Power Clamp

FLIR CM83 Power Clamp

Industrial-grade power clamp meter provides premier power analysis and VFD diagnostics functions

FLIR CM78 Clamp with IR Thermometer

FLIR CM78 Clamp with IR Thermometer

Multifunctional meter useful for high-amperage systems and temperature-controlled equipment

FLIR VP50 Voltage Detector

FLIR VP50 Voltage Detector

Non-contact detector with vibration feedback, high/low sensitivity, plus high performance flashlight

FLIR MR77 Moisture Meter

FLIR MR77 Moisture Meter

Versatile meter incorporates pinless moisture sensor, wired pin probe, and built-in IR thermometer

FLIR VS70 Videoscope

FLIR VS70 Videoscope

Rugged videoscope has user-friendly controls, 5.7" color LCD, and USB port for easy battery charging